July 13, 2024

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The Koenigsegg CC850

The Koenigsegg CC850 is a twin-turbo V8 supercar, built around a carbon fibre monocoque. It has a six-speed manual transmission and double wishbone suspension. The twin-turbo engine develops 1,119kW of power and 1,020 lb-ft of torque. Its redline is set at 8,500 rpm. The car weighs a comparatively modest 1,385kg.

It is based on the design of the CC8S, the company’s first customer car. It features a detachable hardtop, as well as doors that open upward. The CC850s will be available in 70 units, and the number has been increased by 20 units because of high demand. The car’s design draws from Koenigsegg’s past, but its innovative technology is reminiscent of the company’s future.

The CC850s’ transmission is similar to the one found in the Jesko. Its six-speed manual gearbox is complemented by a nine-speed automatic. This transmission works with the company’s ‘Engage Shift’ shift-by-wire system. The manual gearbox has six forward and six reverse gears.

After its Monterey debut, the Koenigsegg CC850 sold out its production run in record time. The company plans to build a further 20 cars to meet demand. However, there is no information on price yet. It’s difficult to estimate the exact price of the Koenigsegg CC850, since the company has not revealed its price.

The CC850s’ manual gearbox is an impressive feature. Featuring a gated shifter and clutch pedal, the Koenigsegg CC850s is the world’s most powerful and fastest production car. Its gearbox is similar to a conventional six-speed manual, but the driver has to use the clutch to shift. If the driver bogs down the launch, they risk stalling.

The interior is akin to a sports car. The CC850s have a dashboard made entirely of exposed carbon fibre and skinny bucket seats. Its rotary gearshifters, which were present in the CC8S, have been eliminated. It also sports a portrait touchscreen.

The interior of the Koenigsegg CC850 draws its inspiration from its predecessor, the CC8S. It features a symmetrical dashboard to accommodate both left and right-hand drive models. The car is also fitted with an analog gauge cluster, which is reminiscent of high-end watches.

Since the CC850 has received such an overwhelming response, the company is already planning to build twenty more cars. While it will not be enough to meet demand, the increased production will allow the company to cater to its loyal customers and welcome new owners to the company. The company will release a limited number of CC850s to celebrate the company’s 50th birthday.

The Koenigsegg CC850 is the fastest car ever built. Just 50 examples will be built, and they’re expected to cost over $1 million in the United States. The first deliveries will begin in 2024.

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