June 21, 2024

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If you’ve ever felt trapped in a car or were unable to get out of it for some reason, then you’ve probably considered buying one of the various car modification gadgets available. Not only are they useful, but they can also make escaping from your vehicle that much easier. These tools can even break a car window or assist you in cutting your seatbelt. Listed below are some of the most popular gadgets available.

RESQME: This handy rescue device can break a car window or cut seat belts to prevent vehicular entrapment. Whether you’re looking for more safety or just want to add a personal touch to your vehicle, RESQME can make your journey much more enjoyable. There are some pros and cons to each of these gadgets, however. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before you start installing your new gadgets.

Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand – This car modification gadget is an essential tool for any car enthusiast. This jack is perfect for heavy lifting as it has a 6000 pound capacity. With a patented design, the jack stand features a steel base for stability and a safety bar to prevent accidents. Depending on the purpose of your modification project, the jack may also be useful in a workshop for installing and removing parts.

Zone Tech Parking Assist Dual Laser Guide – The Zone Tech Parking Assist Dual Laser Guide is a handy accessory that can be mounted on a garage ceiling. Once installed, it points the lasers at the exact spot on the dash of a parked car. It can also show its location on a map and control its functions with a smartphone app. These gadgets have become popular in recent years, and are perfect for drivers who don’t want to deal with parking woes every day.

Fixd OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool – Connecting to your phone through the OBD-II port, this device provides access to over 10,000 manufacturer-specific and enhanced trouble codes. With its app, you can monitor the condition of your car anytime, anywhere. The Fixd OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool works with any gas-powered vehicle made after 1996. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Elegoo – An invisible, smart modification, the elegoo smart car modification kit uses a raspberry pi, an arduino, and a cord to make the modifications. The elegoo smart car modification kit includes everything listed above, as well as brand assistance and a line tracking module. If you’ve decided to purchase the Elegoo smart car modification kit, you’ll have to pay the shipping fee for the items.

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