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A truck or lorry is simply a large motor vehicle designed primarily to transport goods. Trucks range widely in size, power, and engine configuration. Smaller variations can also be mechanically similar to several other cars. Trucks are often used to transport goods over long distances; however, they can be utilized to transport goods on a smaller scale as well. There are many types of trucks, which fall into different classes based on their design, function, and fuel type.

In order to simplify this discussion, the term “truck” can be used to refer to any variation of large car that transports freight (in general, not specific goods). In a broad definition, truck is generally thought of to include vehicles with a cab to tow or towing capacity. Cars on the other hand, are generally thought of as having towing capabilities only. Within the broad definition of truck, additional classifications exist based on the type of transport carried out. For instance, small trucks are commonly used for light construction while medium and large trucks are used for wide variety of purposes.

As an important part of their work, truck drivers get paid handsomely for loading and unloading cargo and carrying goods from one place to another. On the other hand, truckers get paid less when doing the reverse. Thus, the pay structures and conditions vary from one company to another. Companies have to abide by government regulations such as those concerning minimum driver’s salary, number of hours of service, types of fuel used, etc.

Trucks and lorries differ primarily in terms of their size and weight. Although the overall purpose remains the same, the truck is meant for moving heavier freight whereas lorry is designed for carrying light cargo (although the term “lorry” does apply to both). Trucks can carry goods of any size, whereas lorries have a smaller range of applications. If you need more information on the trucking industry, then search online or consult a professional consultant. Get information on freight shipping, road transportation, road freight, rail transport, private vehicle hauling, truck tracking, freight insurance, fuel tax, operator’s license, occupational health and safety legislation, etc.

In case of intermodal trucking, as the name suggests, trucks are used to transport goods between different types of transport systems. With the use of modern technology, trucking companies offer flexible services such as refrigerated warehousing, remote logistics planning and transportation services. Some of the services offered by companies include vehicle routing, vessel transport, air freight services, air cargo services, terminal management, freight forwarding, freight hauling, intermodal trucking, intermodal transport, vehicle telematics services, remote supply chain management and delivery services.

There are many companies offering truck services across US, Canada, UK and Australia. For the purpose of easy reference, the following broad definition of trucking will be helpful: As the main mode of transportation for goods/equipment, it is widely used for transporting both freight and passengers. Other common types of commercial vehicles like passenger automobiles (PEV), motor bikes (motor cycle), buses, trucks, trailers, non-passenger vehicles like lorries, tractor etc are some of the few other types of commercial vehicles.

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